Imperial Valley

Continuum of Care




The goal of the of the Imperial Valley Continuum of Care Council is to end homelessness by developing systems that will effectively direct homeless individuals and families to needed resources. Through these resources, the individual and families will have the help to better regain dignity and respect while returning to the community as thriving and productive citizens. Our goal is also to provide resources that will prevent individuals from entering into homelessness.


The focus for the Imperial Valley Continuum of Care Council is to address the concerns of the community dealing with homelessness while improving the conditions that suffocate community growth. This is being achieved through collaborations, trainings, services, and hard work. It is time that the Imperial Valley be recognized as the place where its culture and diversity can be enjoyed and shared. This is why our focus is on Community.


Several individuals and organizations have come together and joined the fight to end homelessness in Imperial Valley. Some of those involved are:  law enforcement, hospitals, city, county and state government officials, fire departments, educational institutions, shelters, non-profit  organizations, faith based organizations, along with concerned and interested individuals within the  Imperial Valley, just to name a few.