Posted October 21, 2016

HUD Application 2016                                                                    Posted on August 23, 2016

IV HTF. 2016 APPLICATION posted 9.12.16.pdf

Funding Opportunity:      US Department of Housing and Urban Development ( HUD) Notice of Funding Availability for Fiscal                           Year  2016 Continuum of  Care  Program Competition

  • Funding Opportunity Number:   FR-6000-N-25
  • Primary CFDA Number:                 14.267
  • Due date of Application:              09/14/2016
  • Local Due Date:                           8/14/2016*

To review the Notice of Funding the General Section can be found at Imperial Valley Expected Application Limits:

Description                                                                                           Determined By                                                                      Maximum Amount

Annual Renewal Demand (ARD)                                           HUD approved Grant Inventory Worksheet                                                   $175,053
Tier 1 Priority                                                                             93% of Formula for geography in COC                                                       $162,799
Tier 2  of ARD                                                                            7%                                                                                                                $12,254
Bonus Project                                                                            5%                                                                                                                 $27,751
Maximum Planning grant                                                           3%                                                                                                                   $5,252
Total Application Potential                                                                                                                                                                             $210,064

 *Applications  are due to the local IVHTF ( COC ) by August 14th at midnight
and must be submitted to United Way (2410 Imperial Business Park Drive Imperial, CA 92251).
Please send pdf e-snaps to Ken Wuytens so the application is date stamped.

 For local information, please direct question to or

Note: The IV COC will review applications received by the due date based on HUD priorities established in the 2016 NOFA and applicant eligibilty.
Written appeal for correction of applicant eligibility determination can be submitted as directed by the COC within 72 hours of notification of COC funding decisions. Due to time restrictions no other appeals wil be accepted.
For more information about what to submit, please see below:
 Applicants should complete and submit all components of the Applicant Profile and the HUD e-Snaps application. In addition, please submit 1) a copy of your most recent independent audit; 2) an Annual Performance Reports for any existing HUD Contracts or monitoring letters or reviews from current funding source;

3) a commitment to participate in the COC coordinated entry system and HMIS (unless restricted by law). The scoring committee will be convened to review applications based on priorities identified on pages 7-10 of the HUD 2016 NOFA.

Imperial Valley 2016 ESG RFA redo Application

Posted September 21, 2016

IVHTF NEWS | October 21, 2016
WomanHaven ESG 2016/2017 application ranked first--Grant award of $192,016
IV Housing First Collaborative application ranked second--Grant award of $75,000

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