Mainstream Resources, Benefits and Services Committee: Responsible for identifying sources of funds needed to meet the mission of the IVCCC. It provides sustainability recommendations and support.


  1. Update and redesign the homeless resource guide.
  2. Ensure available resources in Imperial County satisfy the homeless needs.
  3. Ensure the CES has input from the Mainstream Resources, Benefits and Services Committee during its development phase.


  1. Detail the homeless specific services in the resource guide.
  2. Know what the funding levels are for homeless resources so clients referred go to non-profits that can provide services. 
  3. Track the services needs to show where the lack of services are geographically in Imperial County.

Resourceful Documents

2019 Committee Meeting Schedule
Meeting location:  Department of Social Services, 2895 So. 4th Street Rm A, El Centro, CA 92243
   Date                               Time
August 8, 2019             10:00 am
September 12, 2019   10:00 am
October 10, 2019        10:00 am
November 14, 2019    10:00 am
December 12, 2019     10:00 am

For more information about this committee or how to join, contact Orlando Johnson, Chairman at

mAINSTREAM Resources, benefits and services  committee